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SR101 (Straight Revenge 101) is a Sylheti-Bangla Hip-Hop crew based in New York, USA, and Sylhet, Bangladesh. Their music talks about their culture, their life stories, and their struggles, yet they don’t fail to entertain their listeners with some unique bangers from their stash. 

C-Let formed the crew SR101 back in 2002 with his first childhood friend named Prince. Thereafter he found various Artists of different genres along the way. Fahim was an addition to the family in 2013 and they started posting regular content on Facebook and YouTube which made them gain huge popularity over the internet. Current members of SR101 are C-Let, Fahim, SQ and Shah Tanvir Jahan. 

SR101 has hit tracks like ‘Maa’ which was released on Aug 24, 2011. The track was loved by many for its touchy chorus by S1 (AKA Shopon) and emotionally moving rap and lyrics by C-Let, and ‘Shonar Bangla’, a track representing their Motherland.

On July 10, 2020 SR101 released ‘U. Sylhety Cypher VOL 2’ and after a month they released ‘U. Sylhety Cypher VOL 1’, their primary motive with the Cyphers was to bring unity in the Sylheti Community around the World, featuring Artists from Bangladesh, India, the USA, and the UK and they were successful in making it happen, which are considered to be the best tracks in Sylheti Rap collections by the listeners. They started dropping back-to-back hits thereafter like ‘Sylhety Grime’, ‘Tin Jon’, ‘Sylhety Ushta’, ‘Ki Jadu’, and many more. ‘U. Sylhety Cypher Vol. 3′ got released on July 29, 2022. 

Their sole idea is to represent Bangladesh and to make their people proud with their new flavour in Sylheti and Bangla music, the reason why they receive a huge amount of support from the community.

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