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'Bangladesh' is the latest release from SR101 featuring C-Let, Opu, SQ, Lowkey B and Has. It's a Hip-Hop track where
They talk about their country of origin, Bangladesh.

The very track comprises of melodies and rap, where they describe the beauty of their motherland and also the struggles faced by the people for their independence. This track is specially for all those Bangladeshis residing outside of their country but misses their nation every now and then.

The Video was shot by Dhruv Saha at New York, USA. The music production, mixing and mastering were done by The Dropletz. The video edit and designs were done by D1 Graffix and Media.

Recent Banger !

SR101's new banger 'United Sylhety Cypher Volume 3' is the 3rd volume of their very popular initiative towards Sylhety Cypher. Volume 1 is soon to cross a million streams on Youtube. This track is performed by C-Let, Rhythmsta, Arin Dez, Fokhor, Has and Mogze. Music produced by The Dropletz, video shot by Dhruv Saha Video edit and designs by D1 Graffix and Media.

Loved by Many

I grew up listening to sr101. I always had respect for c-let vai. He always come with something different. I'm happy to see him dropping doing lot of songs now on . Thank you sr101 everyone did very well on this video.
Thug Life
JhezzZ!! You boys are well organised.👍 We got this come on 🔥 Whoeva behind this mad ting you duin it right guy. Sayin no more listening to it investing time on it #wehearditright
Mehadi Nahid
I got goosebumps in alomost all the lines. Such a good delivery by C-LET. One of bst storytelling track i have ever heard. May Allah(SWT) grant them jannatul firdous👐. A'ameen. Getting vibed with SR101 music these days. Love from Hojai(Assam)💙
Zaheed Ahmed

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